A Season for Growth and Renewal

June 7, 2022
Renee Limon
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Happy June! So many of us are celebrating the end of the school year with parties, promotions, recitals, and graduations. Here at the clinic, we’re celebrating our own growth and renewal!

Staff News

First off, we’re so happy to welcome Sarah back from her maternity leave on June 13.

You might have heard we have a new Occupational Therapist, Emily on our team. Are you a fan of our Friendship Group? Good news! Laura and Emily will continue with the important work of the collaborative, fun, and skills-building Friendship Group.

Meet Emily bio

New Toys and Games

Summer is a great time to go outside and play in new ways. Jenny and Emily recently went on a shopping trip to Goodwill and scored a cart-load of new toys and games to use in therapy.

OT Emily pushing a shopping cart of toys and games at The Hello Clinic.

Spreading the News

Carla recently visited some of our neighborhood doctors’ offices and spread the news with cheerful flowers and our scavenger hunt that our clinic is growing with two new SLPs starting next month! Mags and Carolyn start on July 7, so if you've been on our waiting list for a speech or language evaluation or therapy, now's the time to get scheduled. Lauren has been busily working on getting Mags and Carolyn connected with families who’ve been wanting to get scheduled.

Carla with orange flower bouquet delivery for doctors' offices with Hello Clinic scheduling updates.


Orange flower bouquets with Growth and Renewal updates from The Hello Clinic for referring doctors' offices.

Scheduling Updates

A couple of notes about summer schedules. If you have an after-school spot and want to have it again this fall, we urge you to keep it through the summer. If you will be out of town on vacation for longer than a week or have kids in summer camps, let us know. There is often quite a bit of shifting around of the therapy schedule due to summer travels. We think of summer as an ideal time to line up an after-school therapy spot for the fall.

We look forward to hearing about all of your families' celebrations! May your end-of-year days be filled with joy, laughter, togetherness, and a hopeful feeling of growth and renewal.