All Together Now

August 13, 2019
Meagan Tuhy
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The knowledge, ideas, communication, and friendship that are woven together to create the fabric of Hello set us apart from our peers. Hello clinicians are willing to question barriers, research solutions, collaborate, and share with each other, building knowledge individually as well as for the group. 

Each individual brings their unique experiences that contribute to the whole. This bank of experience and skills is at the center of our 2019-20 theme, “All Together Now.”  

Bonding together is the natural way to find the strongest, most powerful and secure network. Our unique infrastructure, designed to create and support connection sets up Hello clinicians to be better able to serve children, districts, families, and themselves. 

So this year we celebrate our team, our professions, our partners, and the way they all come together to improve outcomes for students of all abilities, colors, and creeds. Making a better life for kids is what we all have in common. So join us. C' mon. All together now! 

All Together Now Circle