Our Favorite Toys - The Winnie the Pooh Spinning Honey Pot

November 30, 2015
Kelly C. Bawden, MS, CCC-SLP

Time for the second video in our Favorite Toys for Speech Therapy series! (Be sure to watch Kathleen's video if you haven't had a chance yet) This time, we hear from the one and only Bob Buckendorf about his Winnie the Pooh spinning honey pot. Watch the video, then scroll down for all of the details!

Bob's Favorite Toy

The Winnie the Pooh Pop-Up Spinning Honey Pot

Where to Buy It

It's a bit of an "antique," so keep your eyes peeled at the second-hand store. They also have them on Amazon and sometimes even on eBay.

How to Use It for At Home Therapy

I love this toy for early communicators. It is engaging and can be used for

  • Turn taking (e.g. "It's my turn to push Pooh!" "Now it's your turn to push!")
  • Joint attention (e.g. "Oh look! Where did Pooh go?")
  • Practicing short carrier phrases (e.g. "I want _________")
  • Practicing short routine phrases (e.g. "Ready, set, go!")
  • Anticipation (e.g. "There he goes! Now what?")
  • Early developing sounds and CVC words (Pooh, pop, push, bye-bye)

What do you think? Have more ideas about what you could do with this oldie-but-goodie? We'd love to hear them in the comments below. And stay tuned later this week for our next video toy recommendation from Laura!