We're When Work Works Winners Again!

May 22, 2017
Sharon Soliday, CCC-SLP
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Congratulations to the entire Hello Family!

We have once again been awarded the When Work Works award by the Society for Human Resource Management in recognition of our flexible workplace practices and beliefs. This means that, for the second year in a row, we rank in the top 20% of all companies nationwide for making work better for employees.

When Work Works Winner 2017

I may have had a big vision, a company that supports and makes decisions based on (in a large part) the needs of staff -- followed by the needs of our clients . . . but it's a staff that brings such a dream to fruition.

Because it requires trust and collaboration.

A willingness to be vulnerable is the only way to create authentic relationships with ourselves and with our clients.

Here are a few examples of what effective & flexible look like among the Hello staff:

  • They take the risk of sharing hard cases for collaborative problem-solving.
  • They make inquiries about the wellbeing of others.
  • They celebrate every win, no matter the size.They ask smart questions that push our HR department to stretch and grow.
  • They work autonomously.
  • They communicate well.
  • They are willing to engage with everything we try (!)
  • They are interested in personal and professional goals.
  • They apologize when needed.
  • They welcome and include everyone at every event.
  • They strive to forgive.
  • They are ambassadors of Hello everywhere they go.

It's not about being a workplace that has fewer rules on paper. It's about knowing we're all in this to be our best selves. And although our coworkers are different from ourselves, we are safe because we are all fighting the good fight for a healthy life.

So today I say Thank You to everyone here at Hello. Together we have created a safe & bold workplace that helps us celebrate our best efforts and the inevitable struggle. Congratulations to each and every member of our Hello Family for nourishing an effective and flexible workplace.

We hope the small token we delivered "stresses" how important you are to the company
and the "warm" thoughts the company holds of you.

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