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Our licensed and experienced occupational therapists (OTs) provide personalized care to help children participate more fully in daily life activities.

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In-School Occupational Therapy

From managing self-care and navigating surroundings to interacting with peers and completing tasks in class, occupational therapy helps children build various skills essential to their independence and well-being. Our team of OTs works to help children master these skills so they can engage more easily within school and home environments, build confidence, and live more enriched lives.


Expanding Possibilities With Occupational Therapy

Together with families and educators, our OTs create individualized plans for each student. We help ensure they feel more comfortable taking on increasingly complex tasks, manage sensory processing, regulate their responses to various stimuli, and more.

Our team has substantial experience working closely with students who face challenges resulting from various conditions, including:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Sensory processing disorders
  • Developmental delays
  • Physical disabilities
  • Learning disabilities
  • Behavioral disorders
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Other chronic illnesses

What Is an Occupational Therapist?

Our clinicians are committed to improving students’ outcomes and increasing their quality of life. Our clinician-led organization supports our OTs with access to industry-leading research, professional development, and cutting-edge technology to ensure they have all the training and tools necessary to deliver the best possible results.

Our OT team leverages a spectrum of techniques and therapies, including:

  • Fine motor skill development
  • Sensory integration therapy
  • Visual motor integration
  • Social skills interventions
  • Play-based interventions

Our Approach

Care Options for Kids and The Hello Foundation have partnered to provide world-class occupational therapy services to school districts across the U.S. We are working together to help all children thrive.

Through our personalized, child-centered, and relationship-focused approach, we help kids navigate complex obstacles, build their confidence, and celebrate each milestone. Our pediatric OTs know what it takes to help kids feel safe, comfortable, and positive. They are committed to fostering one-on-one relationships with each child, earning their trust, and ensuring they feel emotionally supported. As a result, we have raised the bar for occupational therapy and consistently achieve stellar results.

About Us

Become Part of Our Team

Our OTs already have the education and experience to deliver incredible outcomes, but we offer additional ongoing personal and professional support to help them excel in their careers and feel more fulfilled. As a cooperative, inclusive family of clinicians, we know that the best results happen when OTs feel empowered and maintain a healthy work-life balance. By allowing our professionals to “put their own oxygen masks on first,” they have the energy they need to provide the highest level of individualized care to each child, family, and district we serve.

Our Locations

We offer exceptional occupational therapy services to schools in nine states and counting. Learn more about our current locations and growing care family.


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