15 Ways to Support the Classroom Teacher

March 2, 2011
Sharon Soliday, CCC-SLP

Sharon Soliday's Hello Live presentation today!

It’s about the teacher this time - because supporting a teacher can mean rock star time for kids.

  1. Technology Integration-Chances are you’re more savvy. How to use it in your room.
  2. Identify additional reading material on topics
  3. Research
  4. Read to kids
  5. Parent meetings
  6. Parent communication (emails, newsletters, etc.)
  7. Behavior contracts for kids – specialized knowledge
  8. Resource for speciality knowledge (special ed, medications, etc.)
  9. Share professional development opportunities
  10. Parent Conferences
  11. Hunt down resources (materials, grants, training, ideas)
  12. In-depth file reviews of class (who failed a hearing exam, should be wearing glasses, moved-in with low test scores)
  13. Develop in-class calendar for students to utilize
  14. Read aloud to students /share questions to highlight executive thinking and problem-solving
  15. Offer to grade papers in which writing rubics are in place (you learn what typical looks like)