Caramel Apple Nachos! (and some sneaky speech therapy)

September 19, 2016
Lauren Forgione
feature image

One of our friends at the clinic, Lauryn*, made Caramel Apple Nachos from this awesome visual recipe book from Kristine Lamb during her speech session with Laura today. Lauryn was so enthusiastic about this planned activity, that she made sure to pack her own apron to wear while making the nachos! What exactly does making this delicious treat have to do with speech therapy, though? Glad you asked!

Through talking about how we follow a "recipe" to make the nachos instead of a "map," we practiced new vocabulary.

Apple Nacho instructions

Through assembly of the recipe, we practiced sequencing.

Caramel Apple Nacho contemplation

Through talking about differences between regular nachos and caramel apple nachos, we practiced comparing and contrasting.

Caramel Apple Nacho planning

And finally, through sharing our creation with friends in the office, we practiced social language by initiating and asking questions.

Caramel Apple Nacho delivery

Lauryn proudly offered her nachos to other friends at the clinic, to the clinicians, and even parents in the waiting room. It was unanimous....everyone at the clinic who was able to try Lauryn's creation, agreed that it was a winning recipe.

Caramel Apple Nacho presentation

As you can see, Lauren topped the apple slices with mini M& M's, melted caramel and fudge, chunks of chocolate, and was even thoughtful enough to split the dish in half for those of us that love or dislike mint chips! She hopes to try out for The Food Network show Chopped Jr., so this was a great practice run. The clinicians and all of us here at the clinic love to help make their friends' dreams become a reality every day (and sneaking in a little speech therapy along the way ;-) )

*Lauren's parents have given us written permission share this story and these images here.