Fall fun, spooky season, and baby names!

October 12, 2021
Renee Limon
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Are you enjoying the crisp fall days? The leaves are beautiful and it's even been nice to get some rain and splash in the puddles.

October is a busy month and it kicks off the "holiday season" with Halloween. I'm loving all the spooky decorations that are popping up in my neighborhood. I used to make elaborate themed costumes for my kids when they were young. Now, I get to take it easy in the costume department and enjoy seeing all the neighborhood kids who dress up and trick-or-treat.

Since Halloween can be a lot to process for kids, we're keeping it low-key at our clinic this year. We love when kids wear their costumes, and it's possible your clinician might show up dressed as a lobster or unicorn. We're featuring lots of Halloween-themed crafts and activities to get the most out of the spooky season. Christina and her clinic friend worked on balance and fine motor skills by making a play-doh spider family!

Child on balance ball with a picture of a spider web with green play-doh spider family at The Hello Clinic gym..

Have you gotten a chance to add your suggestion to our fun and completely unbinding attempt to name Sarah's Baby Girl? So far there are a handful of lovely suggestions, including Wren, Ivy, and Iris. You might remember that Laura was taking name suggestions when she was expecting her second son. As I recollect, there were some super unique names, such as Mario, Luigi, and Spiderman. Believe it or not, she did not use any of the names our clinic friends suggested.

Posterboard at The Hello Clinic: "Sarah is having a baby girl. Do you have a name suggestion?"

In addition to Halloween, we also have some noteworthy events in October:

Given the busyness of this month for families, we've decided to skip doing an October Parents' Night Out event. Stay tuned for our next one on Friday, November 19.

Happy fall, y'all!