Fun Activities for Children with Limited Mobility

August 27, 2020
Janelle Thomas MSN, RN
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Having a child at home means being hyper-vigilant around the clock. You want to make sure that they’re bathed, fed, and safe. You want to ensure their wellbeing, and that they feel loved. And, if you have a child with limited mobility, you want them to feel like they have as normal a childhood as possible. But, is there a practical way of doing this? What kind of activities would help them develop as well-rounded, happy kids?

8 Fun Activities for Children with Limited Mobility

There are several activities you can do with a child with limited mobility. However, you have to be mindful of their level of disability. Some children may be in a wheelchair but are otherwise able to interact with you and other children. Some may only have partial use of their hands, while others are limited to their five senses.

1. Musical Ball

Remember playing musical chairs as a child? Now you can have a child with limited mobility join in the fun. Instead of chairs, everyone sits around in a circle — on the bed, floor, or wheelchair. The ball is passed around in one direction while music is playing. You can switch songs and have them pass the ball in the opposite direction.

2. Scrapbooking

Take fun photos with your child — or pictures of anything else they like, such as nature, pets, toys, and/or other family members — and have them arrange and glue the images on paper, a photo album, or a purchased scrapbook. You can embellish the pages with stickers, ribbons, and/or glitter, and have a theme for every page — such as Halloween, Hanukkah, Christmas, Day at the Park, etc…

3. Paint Stamping

Paint stamping consists of using items to transfer paint from a pot to any medium of your child’s choice — paper, canvas, or a t-shirt. You can do this with many different types of materials, such as leaves, cookie cutters, or even their own hands. It’s a more practical way to create art for children who may have trouble holding a paintbrush due to limited motor skills.

4. Origami

Origami consists of making art and toys by folding paper. Buy construction paper in their favorite colors and look for simple shapes your child can recreate. You can ask them to choose a theme — such as animals, sailboats, or hats — and have a contest by having everyone at home cast a vote. The winner gets to choose what to play next or what the next theme can be.

5. Puzzles

Pick a theme that’s related to their favorite movie or toys, and make sure they’re age-appropriate so that they don’t get frustrated with the level of difficulty. You can also cut an image from a magazine and have them put it back together, or have a family photo turned into a puzzle.

6. Watching Movies

Make this fun by hosting an interactive experience. If your child has a favorite Disney film, make it a point to sing along with them. If they’re into superheroes, dress up together as their favorite character. Make it a themed event by serving foods related to the movie — if you’re watching Coco, have Mexican fare for dinner. If you’re watching Lady and the Tramp, watch it eating spaghetti.

7. Make a Vision Board

Vision boards have become a trendy, fun activity to do at home. It consists of making a collage of pictures and words that represent your child’s likes and dreams. If they have mobility of their hands, get magazines and cut out images together of things your child loves. When it’s completed, cover it in contact paper, frame it, and hang it in a place that’s visible for your child — such as next to their bed or the TV.

8. Make Music

You can pretend you’re in a band by either playing with real or toy musical instruments, as well as having your child keep the beat by tapping a hand or fingers on a tabletop or a toy drum. Add to the fun by having a beatboxing competition with your child.

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