Lifted Up by the Joy of Summer

August 14, 2018
Renee Limon
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Do the long, sunny days of summer inspire your spirit of adventure? Or, perhaps it’s the freedom from all the “have-to-do” lists we keep in our planners during the school year. Whatever the reason, we often hear about the joy-filled and inspiring adventures our clinic friends are up to these days. The weekly nature of our scheduling means not only do we get to hear about all the plans before the adventure but to learn the deets and see the pictures afterward. Joy, fun, and adventure abound!

For our August craft, we’re making paper hot-air balloons to celebrate that which lifts us up. As with many of our creations, kids can take the balloons home with them, or display them in our lobby where we have pre-made string hangers awaiting. For this project, kids get to choose five words that describe something they do that brings joy to themselves or others. The diversity of the responses is the best part! Some kids like to fish with their grandparents or act out movie scenes from Black Panther with their siblings. Or make forts, or build with Legos, or swim, or sing and make music, or play with a pet, or disappear into the imagined world of a good book.

joy balloonSince we are always in the mood to grow, stretch and laugh, we asked our clinic staff to share what lifts them up, and here's what they shared:

  • Sarah: explore.
  • Kathleen: yoga.
  • Alice: the beach.
  • Lauren: positive affirmations.
  • Renee: dance.
  • Kim: play.
  • Jenny: garden.

For many of us, we’ll be changing gears in a few weeks and starting the school year. We hope that the glorious summer weather will continue to grace us into September (and hopefully beyond). And we hope that you keep filling your days with joyful activities that lift you and others up in that particular way that feeds your soul.