New Horizons

August 30, 2023
Felecia Hanesworth
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One of the essential processes of bringing a team together and building a healthy community is to focus on a common goal rooted in the core values we want to uphold. The theme “New Horizons” was developed for Hello through shared contributions from our THF/School Based Services Leadership team. When the two words “New Horizons” emerged, we all recognized the significance of where we are today as an organization of clinicians who remain committed to Put Kids First as we move onward into the future.

Each day we face choices and challenges that shape the landscape of our lives. Every day we can choose to view the next horizon with a positive outlook. We invite you to journey with us to New Horizons as we navigate our path forward, taking care of kids in the school communities we serve.

New Horizons will be our beacon for the next year as we focus on moving forward together, building new relationships, and strengthening existing ones. It will stand as a reminder of the many experiences and opportunities we have to positively impact the lives of children and each other as dedicated clinicians.

Let’s all celebrate as we journey together to New Horizons!