Pool Party! In the office! At lunchtime!

July 5, 2016
Kelly C. Bawden, MS, CCC-SLP
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Contrary to popular belief, school districts are full of fine folks like yourself who spend much of their summers working. You’re resigned to your fate. You’re fine with it. Like, totally fine.

Even so, you're only human. You're forgiven if your thoughts occasionally drift away from the spreadsheets on your screen. Daydreams of summer days sleeping in, doing crosswords, lounging by the pool, working on your short game, hiking by a babbling brook, traveling the 7 seas, or really doing almost anything else on Earth that isn’t working at your desk are completely natural.

Working in the summer needn’t all be drudgery though. The relative quiet while most staff is away can mean you accomplish feats of greatness with all of your uninterrupted time. It can also mean some light shenanigans around the office (all under the heading of "team-building" and "self-care," of course). And what’s more fun in the summer than a pool party? Don’t let the fact that you don't have a pool in the staff room stop you. I did some Pinterest-browsing (another good way to take a little mental vacay) and wrangled up the makings for a lunch-hour office pool party.

lunchtime office pool party

Now, if you want to win Boss of the Summer, you’ll do all of this all by yourself (yes, even the tiny flip-flop shaped sandwiches). But you can also be in the running for that title if you’re just the one who organizes this event. Pick a date, share this post with the folks in your office, and head to the party store for tiny umbrellas and leis. It’s not the actual pool, but it will be the best lunch hour ever and will give you and your summer crew something fun to look forward to.

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Every awesome party starts with an awesome invitation.

beach ball invites

If you’re a crafty sort, this would be a perfect decoration for your party. And, if you have kids at home this summer, bonus points if you put them to work helping you make this.

If you’re a not-so-crafty sort, hit the dollar store for some floats. Instant decor.

pool buffet
You can grill hot dogs at the office, or just have them warming in a crock pot. Put out fun toppings and you’ll have an instant party.

The aforementioned flip-flop sandwiches.

flip flop sandwiches
Please. If you make this watermelon shark, take a picture and send it to us. We will sing your praises for the rest of our days. How about the little shark jellos, though? Doable, right? (Here are the shark instructions, just in case.)

shark watermelon

Another watermelon option, perhaps slightly less work ?


Pool noodles!

Pool water! (not that you need a recipe for this . . . adding sugar to Sprite seems a bit much to me, but the idea sure is fun.)


Last but not least, if you’re really in the running for Boss of the Summer . . .


Dive in! The water’s fine! (Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.)