Sabrina González Finds Fulfilling Nursing Career at Care Options for Kids

April 24, 2019
Janelle Thomas MSN, RN
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Sabrina González is from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and has been a pediatric nurse at Care Options for Kids for over a year. She has been caring for M.R. since she started working at Care Options for Kids.

During a typical day with M.R., Sabrina shows up at his home, changes him, gets him ready for school, places him on his wheelchair, and they wait for the school bus together. Once the bus arrives, she rides on it with him.

When they get to school, she takes him to the cafeteria to give him his breakfast while he socializes with other children. After breakfast, they go to class together, where she sits with him and helps with his school work. During lunchtime, she feeds him through his G-Tube using baby food.

After school, they ride the school bus together back to M.R.’s home. Sabrina then changes him into more comfortable clothes, places him on a recliner, and the two of them watch either a TV show or movie together until the mom comes home from work.

She thoroughly enjoys her job because she loves pediatrics and because she gets along so well with her coworkers. She also appreciates that Care Options for Kids provides her with opportunities for growth within her profession. “They allow nurses to work on more complicated cases as they learn the ropes, which results in expanding our nursing skills and knowledge.”

She also loves that by doing home health care for pediatric clients, she ends up feeling like part of the family. “I go on day trips with them. They love sports. It’s one of their favorite things to do, so we often go to baseball or hockey games; and every now and then, we also go to Disney World together.”

She recommends Care Options for Kids to fellow nursing friends because, in addition to enjoying having a positive impact on her client’s life on a daily basis, she appreciates that Care Options for Kids also provides exceptional training, which has helped her feel fully prepared for taking care of children.

“Working with M.R. has really enriched my life and makes me feel fulfilled as a professional. And the best part is that I really enjoy my time with them.”