Think your SLP won't go on leave this year? Think again.

November 16, 2017
Chris Carleton
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Every year we field several calls from panicked special education administrators who have just been taken completely by surprise by an SLP needing to go on leave unexpectedly. Our data show that these phone calls tend to become more common after winter break and continue to grow in number into the springtime through the end of the school year.

We know as well as you do that there is a good reason for panic in these situations. Students cannot make progress if they are not seen by highly qualified professionals. Unexpected absences also mean that students are denied their right to FAPE, leaving the district out of compliance and everyone scrambling to get kids the services they’re entitled to.

But how do you find a highly qualified SLP to fill-in when someone goes on leave? That’s impossible, right? Well, not really. Whether it is maternity/paternity leaves, mid-year replacements, unexpected medical leaves or anything else keeping your SLP from seeing students, we have a roster full of SLP “fixers” that specialize in leave coverage. I am consistently impressed with their ability to drop into a situation -- anywhere, anytime -- and pick up the ball and run with it.  This elite team can cover anything from a short-term 2-week fix to a remainder-of-the-school-year solution. They provide excellent service that students deserve, regardless of how long a district needs them.

Check out our new fact sheet, highlighting the national trends in staff absences and our specialized leave coverage options. We know you might not need us today, but remember what Benjamin Franklin said: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” File this under “Just in Case” and pat yourself on the back for preparing for the unexpected this year.

Leave of absence

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