5 St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

March 11, 2021
Janelle Thomas MSN, RN
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Keeping your kids entertained can sometimes feel like a challenge. They may want to go play outside when the weather is not ideal, or have their friends come over during times of COVID. And while saying no may feel like a practical decision, that doesn’t change the fact that children need to be able to do engaging activities and have fun. An easy way to encourage their creativity is by creating holiday-themed arts and crafts. And, specifically for St. Patrick’s Day, there are several household items that can be used to make fun art. Once everything’s completed, show your pride and appreciation by displaying their art on your refrigerator, framing them, and/or taking pictures to share on social media.

5 Kid-Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

1. Leprechauns

Have your child draw a smiley face on a white sheet of paper, then get creative with how to make a leprechaun beard — such as by dipping a fork in orange paint, then making imprints of it along the lower portion of the leprechaun’s face, or by dipping cotton balls in orange food coloring, then gluing them on the face. Use green construction paper or paint to create a hat, and get crafty with the yellow buckle part — which can be embellished with glitter, ribbons, paints, crayons, colored pencils, or magic markers.

2. Shamrocks

You can have younger kiddies make shamrocks with apple halves by dipping the fruit in green paint, then making four imprints in the shape of a shamrock on paper. For older kids, you can find smooth rocks for them to paint their shamrocks on — to be used later on as ornaments or as a paperweight.

3. Pots of Gold

Get flower pots of any size, and have your child paint rainbows, leprechauns, shamrocks, and gold coins, wrap ribbons, and/or glue glitter all over their designs. Once they’re completed, fill them up with gold candy, such as yellow skittles or M&Ms, or golden-wrapped Rolos. Once the candy’s gone, have them use the flower pot to plant their own little plants. Low-maintenance ones — such as succulents — can give them a sense of pride and allow them to display their art creation year-round.

4. Rainbows

Just as with the other St. Patrick’s day items you can make this really fun. In addition to drawing or painting rainbows on paper or ceramic bows or mugs, kids can use colorful foods — such as Fruit Loops, Skittles, M&Ms, or different fruits — for the rainbow and marshmallows for the clouds. Other items that can be used include beads, painted macaroni, buttons, and glitter. If you’re using a bigger medium — such as when making a banner — you can have them do rainbow sponge painting.

5. Cupcakes

If you’re a whiz in the baking department, go ahead and get fancy. But know that you can still make simple boxed-cake recipes with your kids and garnish them to create St. Patrick’s day cupcakes. Just remember to get green food coloring and fun food items to garnish them with, such as gold sprinkles, Airheads rainbow strips, and Reese’s miniature peanut butter cups.

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