Tips for a Memorable Family Reunion for a Senior with Dementia

November 7, 2018
Janelle Thomas MSN, RN
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Being a family caregiver for an elderly adult who is living with dementia can be very challenging. Routine and predictability are very important concepts for these seniors, but that does not mean you should completely forego any special events or activities.

Planning a family reunion for your elderly loved one even as they are dealing with dementia can be a wonderful way to keep their memory sharper, support their mental health, and make memories with them that all of you can treasure well into the future. As with anything in your care journey for a senior who is living with dementia, it is important to take the time to carefully plan your family reunion so that it is safe, enjoyable, and meaningful for your loved one and the rest of the family.

3 Tips for a Memorable Family Reunion for a Senior with Dementia

Use these tips to help plan a memorable family reunion for a senior with dementia:

1. Talk About The Event in Advance

Start talking about the planned family reunion as far in advance as possible and bring it up regularly as you lead up to the event.

This will help to reinforce the idea with your loved ones so they are not as nervous or startled by the event.

This will also give them a chance to help with planning and put their own touches into the event.

2. Remind Them of Their Family Members

If they have not seen their family members in some time, there are new spouses, or new children, your parent might struggle to recognize them.

Take some time before the event to remind your parent of these family members. Show them pictures of these relatives and remind them of the person, their name, and their relationship to them.

3. Set Aside a Quiet Space

Changing a routine can be overwhelming and even upsetting for a senior with dementia.

Make sure you set aside a room that is off-limits to the guests. This could be your parent’s bedroom or your bedroom depending on where you host the event.

This room allows your parent to leave the situation and rest or receive care from you or a home health care provider away from the stimulation of the guests and activities. This can help to prevent negative behaviors and allow everyone to enjoy the event to its fullest.

Contact Care Options for Kids for Home Health Care Services

Starting home health care for your aging parent can be one of the best decisions you can make for your elderly loved one throughout your care journey with them.

An in-home senior health care services provider can be with your parent on a schedule that is right for them, whether that means all day each day, a few hours in the morning or evening to help with specific tasks, or only once or twice a week.

This allows the care provider to offer your parent a highly personalized set of services tailored to their individual needs, challenges, and limitations so they can remain safe, healthy, comfortable, and happy as they age in place.

Through these home health care services, your parent can enjoy a lifestyle that is more independent, active, engaged, and fulfilling as they age in place. When it comes to encouraging them to stay more active and enjoy activities with their friends and family, this care provider can make a tremendous difference in helping you give them the care they need so they can stay active while still staying safe and healthy.

These services can be particularly meaningful for an elderly adult who is suffering from dementia. The dedicated support and personalized attention mean they will be able to engage with the family as much as is right for them while still feeling comfortable and in control, while also being able to leave the situation and receive care if necessary.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home health care services, contact the caring staff at Care Options for Kids. Call today (888) 592-5855.