Arthritis Tools for Seniors

September 10, 2018
Janelle Thomas MSN, RN
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When your elderly loved one is dealing with the pain from arthritis, even simple daily tasks become quite complicated.

Thankfully there are a number of different tools and devices that can make those daily tasks much easier for them to perform.

5 Tools for Seniors with Arthritis

Your loved one might benefit from a mix of the following tools in order to maintain some of their independence at home.

1. Toilet Lifts or Elevated Toilet Seats

Many toilets are actually quite low to the floor, which can make it difficult for your elderly loved one to raise and lower themselves safely.

Toilet lifts and elevated toilet seats both accomplish the same task, which is reducing the distance for your loved one.

Toilet lifts typically fit to the bottom of the toilet itself, fitting between the floor and the toilet, while elevated seat fits onto the toilet’s existing seat.

2. Rolling Walkers, Walkers, and Canes

All of these types of devices allow your elderly loved one to have a little bit of extra stability and support while they are walking.

Canes are the least intrusive and your loved one might find extra support from those that have a four-footed tip.

Walkers are usually made from lightweight aluminum and your loved one stands inside of the three walls.

Rolling walkers are also usually made from aluminum and typically have a basket or shelf to help carry items.

3. Standing Tools

These types of devices can attach to a bed, sofa, or even extend from floor to ceiling to help your loved one stand more readily.

Most include a handle for easy gripping and allow your loved ones to use leverage to pull themselves upright.

Depending on your elderly loved one’s space requirements, you might want to consider rails and tools that can fold down when they aren’t in use to keep them out of their way and yet still remain accessible.

4. Knob Turners and Extenders

Doorknobs can be extremely difficult to manage with arthritis, so turners and extenders can make the job much easier.

Both types fit over the knob itself, allowing your loved one to more readily operate the knob.

Extenders can turn the knob into a lever without having to replace any of the hardware.

5. Seat Swivels

Seat swivels are an excellent choice for a car seat since they allow your loved ones to easily swivel their feet toward the open door.

They can also be useful at home, such as in a dining room chair, to allow your loved one to move their entire body in a more convenient direction.

Contact Care Options for Kids for Home Health Care Services

Talk to your elderly loved one’s home care services providers if you or they need extra assistance in learning how to use some of these devices to their maximum benefit.

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