What is the school psychologist-to-student ratio in your district?

February 21, 2023
Laura Hall, D.Ed, NCSP
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The ratio of students to certain professionals in a school district is a topic that many are familiar with. It is something that is tracked over time and is debated in the literature. While much of the conversation rightly centers around the teacher-to-student ratio, it's also important to consider how these ratios impact the other services students receive at school. The National Association of School Psychologists recommends one school psychologist to every 500 students in order to provide high-quality, comprehensive services. However, current data estimates an average national ratio of 1:1211. That huge discrepancy directly impacts the quantity and quality of care that school psychs can provide students.

At Hello, our school psychologist’s ratios are generally better than the national average, with a few notable exceptions:

  • None of THF school psychologists currently hit the mark of 1:500
  • 33% of our school psychs fall in the 1:500-750 range
  • 33% of our school psychs fall in the 1:750-1000 range
  • 23% of our school psychs fall in the 1:1000-1500 range
  • 11% of our school psychs are at or above 1:2000

The role of a school psychologist is diverse. In many places, their role is to evaluate struggling learners while ensuring districts adhere to legal deadlines. However, they can and should be used for their wider variety of skills. School psychologists can help promote positive behavioral and mental health among students, support diverse learners, help improve academic achievement, create safe and positive school climates, and strengthen family-school partnerships. Since emerging from the pandemic, these services are more needed than ever in our schools!

If you're looking for information on your state’s school psychologist-to-student ratio, check out the NASP website data dashboard. And if you're someone who would like to advocate with decision- and policymakers for more school psychologists in your district, check out this Improving School and Student Outcomes: The Importance of Addressing the Shortages in School Psychology downloadable handout from NASP. And, as always, reach out to us here at Hello if you'd like to chat about options for bringing one of our school psychs to your district!