At-Home Enteral Nutrition for Children

Our dedicated team of compassionate pediatric clinicians provides enteral nutrition services to ensure children receive the nutrients they need in a comfortable setting.


Ensuring Nutrition Through Enteral Feeding

We are committed to ensuring every child has an opportunity to thrive. To fulfill this mission, our industry-leading clinicians work closely with each child’s physician and dietician to ensure they receive proper nutrition through enteral feeding — and we deliver those services in a space where a child feels most comfortable. 


Individualized Care for Various Conditions

Your child’s condition shouldn’t require them to forsake their comfort or degrade their quality of life. Our nursing professionals have the training and expertise to provide enteral nutrition services to children with compassion. Our team specializes in working with children living with a variety of conditions, including:

  • Intestinal failure
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Gastrointestinal cancers
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Short bowel syndrome

Our Enteral Nutrition Services

In our experience, authentic relationships are foundational to success in child-focused care. That’s why our nursing professionals are empowered to build connections with each child and their family, and celebrate each milestone along the way.

Our team is also empowered to collaborate with children’s physicians to ensure their enteral nutrition treatment plans meet their unique needs. Through ongoing professional development and access to cutting-edge pediatric research, our care providers have all the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver the best possible outcomes and experiences.

We specialize in a variety of enteral nutrition administration techniques and devices, including:

  • Gastronomy tube
  • G/J tube
  • N/G tube
  • PICC lines
  • Broviacs
  • CVLs and port-a-cath
  • Feeding tubes and suctioning
  • Central line care

Why Choose Care Options for Kids?

At Care Options for Kids, children come first. That’s why our team is not only dedicated to providing comfortable enteral nutrition therapy but also takes a holistic approach that enriches children’s lives and the lives of their loved ones. And by ensuring children receive the nutrients they need, we can help reduce hospital stays and enable more opportunities for making family memories. Our world-class care providers are hand-picked for their expertise and genuine commitment to making a difference, and equipped with all the tools, technology, and guidance they need to consistently deliver the highest quality of care.

About Us

Work With Us as a Pediatric Nurse

As a clinician-led organization, we know the unique needs and challenges nursing professionals face today. We also know that when care providers are empowered through professional development, mentorship, and a supportive company culture, they deliver better outcomes for the children under their care.

Today, Care Options for Kids is the leading pediatric community healthcare system, and this is due entirely to our people. Our enteral nutrition specialists are deeply committed to bettering the lives of each child in their care and driven to continually raise the bar for what’s possible.

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