In-Home Premature Infant Care

Our skilled team of clinicians provide premature infant care services to help babies thrive and provide parents with the respite they need.


Premature Baby Care From RNs & LVNs

When premature infants are released from hospital care, they often still have many medical needs that require round-the-clock attention. Our experienced pediatric nursing professionals provide a spectrum of in-home services to ease the transition from hospital to home life so parents can rest, work, and bond with their new baby with better peace of mind.


Vital Care for Infants With Complex Needs

Our licensed pediatric and neonatal nursing professionals have the knowledge and training to care for premature babies with a range of needs and conditions. From providing basic care to help alleviate caregiver burnout — such as feeding, bathing, and sleep support — to handling more complex medical needs, our team is committed to delivering better outcomes for the whole family.

We specialize in providing care for infants with the following conditions:

  • Respiratory disorders
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Cardiatric anomalies
  • Seizure disorders
  • Gastrointestinal conditions

Why Our Approach Helps Babies Thrive

Dedicated in-home premature infant care helps reduce the need for hospital visits, allowing families to spend more time bonding with their new babies in the comfort of home. It also helps alleviate the stress and exhaustion many parents feel when caring for an infant with advanced needs. By working directly with families, our team can help parents better understand how to manage their baby’s condition.

We equip our nursing professionals with ongoing education and access to innovative research so they can continue raising the bar in premature infant care. Our team leverages the latest healthcare technology and therapy techniques to give premature babies the best possible quality of life.

Our Nursing Services For Premature Babies

At Care Options for Kids, we know it takes a village to care for preemie babies and ensure every child thrives. That’s why we work closely with each child’s primary doctor and specialists to create custom home care plans. Our clinicians deliver industry-leading premature infant care through the following services:

apnea monitor icon

Apnea Monitoring

Apnea monitoring helps track an infant’s breathing and heart rates while they’re sleeping. Our team can help families understand how to use this device.
ventilator mgmt

Ventilator Management

When premature infants are placed on a  ventilator to help them breathe, our team can help monitor and support the equipment to ensure safety and comfort.
tracheostomy icon

Tracheostomy Management and Care

When babies who need respiratory assistance require a tracheostomy, our team can help with cleaning and maintenance.
pulse oximetry icon

Pulse Oximetry

Our care team can help monitor your baby’s oxygen levels to determine whether their heart and lungs are developing or if they need additional support.
infection prevention

Infection Prevention

Premature infants have an increased risk of infection. Our team can help provide techniques and medication to prevent and/or treat potential infections.

Work With Us

Our nursing professionals are deeply committed to improving children’s well-being by advancing their knowledge and skills. Our leadership team supports this mission by empowering pediatric nursing teams with professional development, technology, and a collaborative team culture.

As a clinician-led organization, we know today’s healthcare professionals and families face many challenges. As the leading pediatric community healthcare system, we are uniquely positioned to help navigate those obstacles. By connecting nursing professionals with better opportunities and helping foster relationships between care providers and families, we can celebrate more milestones together.

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