7 Fun Activities for the Visually Impaired

October 22, 2020
Janelle Thomas MSN, RN
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If you’re taking care of a visually impaired loved one, you may be wondering about the types of activities you can do. You want to ensure you choose something that’s enjoyable and that doesn’t place focus on the fact that your loved one has little to no vision. Fortunately, there are plenty of activities that will make any day more fun — and will help you create fond memories and possibly, new family traditions.

7 Fun Activities for the Visually Impaired

1. Audiobooks

Look for titles you know your loved one would enjoy — fiction, biographies, history, comedies, historic novels — and play the books while out on drives or for a walk. You can even make their favorite warm beverage, get cozy blankets, and sit in front of a fire or windows as you read out loud to them. If your loved one is a young child and you’re reading to them, make it more fun by changing your voice to match the characters.

2. Music

There are several options for making this fun. You can play their favorite albums, play a musical on TV, or go to a music festival or concert. If you opt for live options, make sure to attend those that offer seated areas so that your loved one doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable by standing in a sea of dancing people. If your loved one is a child, make it more fun by teaching them the lyrics to the songs and singing together. You can also teach them how to play a musical instrument.

3. Being out in Nature

While looking at nature can be gratifying, it’s not the only way to enjoy being outdoors. Listening to the sounds of birds, waves of the ocean, or a trickling river can be just as fulfilling. Your loved one can also enjoy the smell of flowers and wood, as well as the feeling of walking barefoot on sand or grass, or the warmth of sunshine or the coolness of a breeze or rain.

4. Exercise

There are several easy workouts that are suitable for individuals who are visually impaired. YouTube has plenty of resources for blind individuals, such as yogastretching, or cardio. They all include detailed descriptions of each movement, as well as instructions for each step of the way. Make sure your loved one has plenty of space around them to complete the routines.

5. Games

There are plenty of games that can be tailored for visually impaired kids — such as adapting Battleship for Braille readers, playing trivia games, modifying Candy Land, having them guess the songs you’re playing, getting them a tactile tablet, and looking for modifications of other traditional board games, such as Braille Monopolylow-vision Scrabble, or tactile Connect Four.

6. Get Pampered

Getting your hair done or scheduling a massage are activities that not only feel great, but also provide an opportunity to relax and to catch up. You can tell each other stories, updates on life, or simply lay back and enjoy getting pampered. If the activity is a massage, you get the added bonus of aromatherapy and calming music.

7. Cook Together

Ask them what their favorite meal or dessert is, and make it a fun event for the day. If they love cookies, pick a recipe or two and make them. If they have some of their vision, you can read the recipes out loud for them, or help them gather all the ingredients and chop vegetables. If they can’t see at all, you can describe what you’re doing, chit chat while you cook, and/or do taste tests.

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