April is OT, Joke, and Autism Acceptance Month!

April 16, 2019
Renee Limon
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April is everything month: including OT, National Humor (aka Joke) and Autism Acceptance Month. Talk about things that tick all our boxes at the clinic!


Let’s start with the humor. We kicked of Joke Month on April Fools’ Day, of course, and it’s a major hit. We have big joke posters hanging in our lobby with lift the flaps for the answers. Some of our clinic friends have written their guesses on the flap. And they are pretty good. Then, there’s a joke bowl: take a joke, leave a joke. There are some gems. Really. Total knee slappers. Please add to or help yourself to a tasty serving of jokes while it is on hand (right next to our free snacks in the waiting room). Remember, a healthy dose of humor is recommended every day

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Occupational Therapy

OT Month is about raising awareness and celebrating this amazing profession, sharing knowledge, and showing appreciation! Christina, and Julia, our OTs, bring so much to our team and the families they collaborate with. We appreciate their energy, humor, knowledge and the work that they do to help our clients participate fully in their lives. Here’s an earlier post where I interviewed Christina about OT month last April, and check out our other OT posts here

OT Month 19

This month, Christina and Julia shared some resources that she likes to recommend to families:

Autism Acceptance

April is also Autism Acceptance Month. We are listening to advocates with autism, such as this Dutch author, and sharing their voices, putting an emphasis on acceptance of the cool aspects of autism over awareness. 


Happy April Everything Month to you!