Best Low-Impact, Joint-Friendly Exercises for Children

February 8, 2021
Janelle Thomas MSN, RN
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When you have a child, you want to move heaven and earth to make their lives as comfortable as possible. One of the best ways to do so is to instill in them the importance of regular, consistent exercise from a young age. This habit has a long list of benefits — such as promoting good mental health, increasing bone density, helping the body better regulate blood sugar levels, lower the risk of heart disease, and maintain a healthy weight. And, while some children develop an interest in playing sports, not all of them want — or can — engage in high-intensity physical activities. So, what are some low-impact, joint-friendly exercises you can do with your child?

5 of the Best Low-Impact, Joint-Friendly Exercises for Children

1. Walking

Walking is one of the easiest choices. Provided that your child is healthy enough to do it, it’s an excellent low-impact exercise. If you walk outside, it’ll give you some time to enjoy nature. If you include friends or family members, you can turn it into a social or bonding time to catch up with loved ones.

2. Swimming

Being submerged and virtually weightless in water greatly reduces stress on the joints and the risk of injury. If it gives you more peace of mind, give your child a flotation device. You can also assist in group exercise classes together at either a local gym, community center, or YMCA.

3. Cycling

This type of exercise uses most of the major muscle groups, so you essentially strengthen your entire body — without the hard impact on the knees and ankle joints. You can encourage your child to pedal as fast or as slow as they want. In addition to other muscles, it’ll also strengthen your heart.

4. Resistance Exercises

Kids can start doing resistance training at around seven or eight years of age — as long as they have good control of their body. These can be done with their own body weight and with regular items that can be found at home, such as water bottles or canned vegetables. Before starting any program, clear it first with your child’s pediatrician. Once you get the green light, look for easy core exercises specifically designed for little ones, and look for variations, so that they don’t get bored from doing the same thing every day.

5. Yoga

Although yoga is often thought to go hand-in-hand with the spiritual crowd, it provides great benefits to your child’s health. Specifically, it helps them strengthen their muscles and improve flexibility. It also teaches them breathing exercises, which is great for managing anxiety. If you’re not sure how to get started, look for videos on YouTube and do the classes with your children.

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