Fun Holiday Activities for Medically Complex Children

December 20, 2020
Janelle Thomas MSN, RN
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Being a parent or a child’s primary caregiver can be difficult, exhausting, and rewarding, all at the same time. You’re responsible for someone else’s wellbeing — quite often, learning things as you go along. And, if you have a medically complex child, you regularly face challenges relating to your child’s health. However, at the end of the day, you want your kid’s life to be as happy as possible. You want to create happy memories, ensure they have a good time, and that they have as enjoyable a childhood as possible. So, what can you do to make the holidays a fun time for your children?

5 Fun Holiday Activities for Medically Complex Children

There are several activities you can plan for your child to have fun during the holiday season. However, not all of them will be ideal for everyone. Certain medical conditions can cause sensory overload when exposed to flashing lights or loud music — which are often part of holiday activities. Therefore, keep in mind your child’s specific conditions and consult with their pediatrician whenever you’re in doubt about whether a particular activity would be suitable for them.

1. Trips to See Christmas Lights

Since so many places get festive for the holidays, this can be done on different days, alternating locations. If your neighborhood has a fair share of residents who decorate their front lawns for the holidays, take a stroll after dinner and show your child the sights. The same can be done at a local park and at popular venues in your hometown.

2. Holiday Activities at the Public Library

Public libraries often plan holiday programs for children and teenagers. These may include storytime, making arts and crafts, movie showings, cookie swaps, decorating, singing Christmas carols, or watching parades go by — to name a few. Check your local library’s website for their holiday itinerary as well as to find out safety measures they are taking to keep patrons safe from coronavirus.

3. Drive-Through Safari Park

If you live in or near central Florida — or if your child is able to go on a short road trip — Wild Florida’s Wild Thru Safari Park will provide your child with the opportunity to see lots of wildlife roaming freely across 85 acres of land. Some of the species in the park include zebras, giraffes, antelope, and bison. Your child may also be able to feed giraffes from an elevated platform. If you’re visiting during the COVID-19 pandemic, you will be required to wear face masks on the feeding platform.

4. Make Music Together

Most people can find music they enjoy. Barring children with impaired hearing, you likely can name a type of music, a specific song, or a Disney movie that makes your child happy. And if your child has some mobility, you can make music together with switch adapted musical instruments. You can encourage their creativity to make their own tunes, or try to recreate their favorite songs. Another option is to use technology that will let your kids create music.

5. Make Ornaments or Flower Arrangements

If your child is able to create crafts, create holiday ornaments. Make it a family event by having as many loved ones participate as possible. This will also show relatives how to be inclusive when planning events your child will be in. If your child has impaired vision, use multi-sensory materials, such as playdough for ornaments, or help them choose flowers by having them smell each of them.

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