Now's the time for preschool communication evaluation and therapy!

September 14, 2021
Renee Limon
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Do you have concerns about your preschool-aged child not being understood? Do they seem behind their friends in their ability to communicate? You're not alone. So many families feel like their kids have fallen behind since the pandemic upended school and social life. For many of us, the hope has been that kids would get back to school and start making progress again. Yet the return to school has not meant a return to "normal," and for some kids, progress isn't happening.  This can feel overwhelming and scary, especially given everything else we're all dealing with right now. But what we know is that time is of the essence for kids, and that early intervention means your child can more easily get caught up and be ready for kindergarten.

Your child's pediatrician is a great place to start if you have even a little bit of concern about how your child is communicating. We're also always available to talk, either before or after you talk with your primary care provider. Our speech-language pathologists are experts in communication development and love talking with caregivers!

For a quick overview of some specific concerns for this age group, you may also want to check out our blog: The 5 Most Common Communication Developmental Red Flags in Preschoolers.

Should you decide you'd like to come in for an assessment, now is a great time for preschool-age kids to find a spot on our schedule. We have recently created dedicated preschool evaluation appointments, and have mid-day therapy openings that we reserve specifically for preschoolers. We are here to help. Our play-based speech and occupational therapy clinicians work in tandem with you and other providers to help your child meet their developmental milestones. Give us a call or drop us a line! We look forward to talking with you and doing what we can to help your child thrive.