Pediatric Speech Therapy

Speech therapy can improve your child’s use and understanding of speech and language, as well as their feeding and swallowing skills.


Help Your Child Meet Speech Milestones

Speech therapy has helped countless children improve their communication skills, become more confident, and expand their world. Evidence-based, child-focused speech, language, and feeding therapy helps children achieve their highest potential and improves the entire family’s quality of life.

If you suspect your child may be struggling to meet speech development milestones, the first step is to schedule an evaluation with a speech-language pathologist (SLP). If speech therapy is recommended, the SLPs and speech-language pathology assistants (SLPAs) at Care Options for Kids will create a speech therapy program tailored to their individual needs and goals. 


Communication Challenges That Can Be Addressed With Speech Therapy

Speech therapy with an SLP or SLPA can remediate a range of childhood communication disorders that interfere with or impede effective communication, including:

  • Articulation delays and disorders (speech sound substitution, omission, or distortion errors following a delayed developmental sequence)
  • Apraxia of speech (speech production is limited by the atypical acquisition of sound patterns due to motor issues)
  • Language delays (language acquisition follows a developmental sequence, but is slower than expected)
  • Language disorders (comprehension, expressive, and/or pragmatic language skills are atypical)​
  • Cognitive-communication disorders (communication challenges associated with acquired or congenital cognitive impairment)
  • Stuttering (atypical rate of speaking, repetitions, prolongations, or blocks)
  • Voice disorders (atypical vocal pitch, loudness, or nasality)
  • Communication challenges associated with conditions such as autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, or hearing impairment
  • Swallowing or feeding problems in infants and children

How Our Speech-Language Pathologists Help

Our SLPs will work with your child to expand their communication toolbox in a comfortable setting, which may include at home, in the clinic, or via teletherapy, depending on the location and your preference. After performing a comprehensive evaluation, an SLP will thoroughly discuss with you their recommendations for treatment. You can work together with your child’s SLP and pediatrician to create an individualized treatment plan for how your family can best support your child’s speech development.

The compassionate care from our specialized pediatric SLPs fosters progress toward your child’s individual goals and celebrates developmental milestones. Although speech therapy is a structured treatment, it’s rooted in play so that it can be easily incorporated into your child’s routine. 

The Care Options for Kids Approach

Care Options for Kids believes in bringing families and speech-language pathologists together to nurture all aspects of the child’s wellbeing. Our leading pediatric specialists are committed to providing the best care that empowers children to reach their greatest potential.


Speech Therapy

We provide speech therapy at home, in the clinic, or via teletherapy to make receiving care comfortable and convenient.

Continuous Pediatric Care

Our team provides speech therapy to children ages birth to 21 years.

Compassionate Speech Language Pathologists

Our skilled speech therapy team forms trusting bonds with children and is committed to achieving positive outcomes.

Bilingual Staff

Bilingual speech therapists and trained interpreters are available to children with Spanish-speaking families to ensure culturally and linguistically competent remediation.

Our Dedicated Team

At Care Options for Kids, we recognize that our compassionate caregivers are the heart of our organization and the key drivers of your child’s success. Each of our skilled SLPs and SLPAs are selected because of their compassionate nature, professional training, and track record of excellence.

Our team works to transform the lives of children and their families every day through extraordinary care. We honor their impact by providing them opportunities to develop their careers, pursue fulfilling work, and achieve a healthy work-life balance. 

Our Locations

We’re pleased to offer therapy in multiple areas throughout the country. Explore our locations to find exceptional speech therapy for your child. 


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