For Clinicians

We are a community of dedicated clinicians founded on the unwavering and steadfast belief that special education professionals in schools can only excel in their work for students when they themselves are well nurtured. Explore the distinctive qualities that set us apart and discover how we are actively making a positive impact for students.

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Experience a Better Way to Work

At Care Options for Kids, formerly The Hello Foundation, we put people first. Our community of professionals fosters growth for one another and for the students we serve. We hire speech-language pathologists, speech-language pathology assistants, school psychologists, and occupational therapists who are interested in a better way forward — one that supports clinicians to prioritize and meet the diverse needs of students.

We collaborate closely with clinicians to select school district placements. As a valued member of our community, you can set criteria, choose placements, and make decisions that best suit your needs. 

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Why Join Our Community?
We Prioritize Your Needs

Be an Employee
Sometimes independent contracting is great, but that’s just not our scene. We hire all of our clinicians as either salaried or hourly employees with 401k, medical, dental, and vision benefits available for full or part-time employees.

Paid Time Off
We believe in fostering a vibrant and fulfilling work environment! Embrace a community that values your well-being. Enjoy not just a job, but a lifestyle that prioritizes your time outside of work. Our commitment to your work-life balance includes generous paid time off because we believe that time away is just as important as time at work. 

Opt-In Benefits
Unlock a world of possibilities by joining our dynamic community. We're not just offering a job; we're extending an invitation to be a part of something extraordinary. Opt-in to a suite of benefits tailored just for you, from flexible spending accounts to professional development opportunities. Your journey with us comes with perks that enhance your career and well-being. 

Continuing Education
We're not just building a team; we're creating a vibrant work community where your growth and development are at the forefront! Join us and experience the excitement of a workplace that invests in your success. Enjoy the added bonus of free continuing education credits, ensuring your skills stay sharp. What's more? Dive into 8 hours of free professional development, crafted based on clinician input because we believe in your voice shaping your journey.

Advocacy and Support
No specialist is an island. Our team has access to our award-winning, confidential intranet, peer collaboration, and problem-solving at monthly Group Shares, and advocacy with your district from a dedicated supervisor.

Fun and Games
Life is way too short to take everything so seriously all of the time! We love to send special treats to our people, give away gift cards for no good reason, and host social events and big ol’ parties, too.


Clinician Resources

We strive to provide the best working environment for our clinicians, and that includes providing educational resources, helpful downloadables, and training tools that help you grow in your profession. Browse our extensive library of resources.

Explore Our Resources

Telepractice Training

We provide essential telepractice training to our clinicians, ensuring they are well-prepared for the evolving landscape of remote learning. This training is designed to enhance your skills and support your work with children in school districts. Our focus on innovative practices aims to facilitate a smooth transition to teletherapy, offering you the tools you need to make a meaningful impact. If you're seeking a role that embraces the realities of today's education landscape, consider joining our community. 

Our People Love It Here

Our values drive our business. Because yes, we’re professionals (some of the best you will ever meet, in fact), but we’re also moms and dads, aunts and uncles, sons and daughters. We’re a community. We dreamed a bigger dream for clinicians and families, and that dream continues to evolve as we are now a part of the larger Care Options for Kids Community.

Where to Find Us

Our school-based teletherapy services are available in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Texas, and Wyoming. Learn more about where we currently provide school-based services.


Join Our Community

We invite you to join our dynamic work community where your skills are valued and your growth is a priority. Explore a fulfilling career with us – apply today.

Bring A Clinician To Your District

Are you a school administrator interested in bringing expert speech-language pathologists to your district? Reach out to connect with our clinicians.