Questions for School Psychs and SLPAs to Ask Districts in Job Interviews (Free Downloadables)

March 14, 2022
Kelly C. Bawden, MS, CCC-SLP
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Once upon a time (ok, it was last April), we created and published a resource designed to help SLPs be proactive during the job interview process. It featured 19 questions to ask districts when they inevitably ask, "Now, do you have any questions for me?" We received a ton of great feedback from folks who found it helpful and also heard from our own school psychologists and SLPAs that they'd love to have something similar for when they're interviewing with school districts. So now, we're pleased to share those resources with you! But first, a few reminders to help you make the most of your interviews: 

  1. Job interviews go both ways! This can be very easy to forget, especially if it's a job that you think you really want, but it's perhaps the most important thing to keep in the front of your mind. Just as this is the employer's moment to figure out whether you're a good fit for their team, it is your opportunity to poke around a bit and see if their team and culture are a good fit for you. If there's something that doesn't sit right with you after the interview, it's not likely to get better once you have the job. Ask questions about what's important to you (inclusion? work from home? mandatory meetings?) and you'll feel more confident about what you're agreeing to if you take the job.
  2. Do your research. You'll feel more confident and make a better impression if you know a little about the district and administrators before your interview. At a minimum, use the district website to familiarize yourself with its stated mission and instructional priorities. This process will also help guide the questions you want to ask when you're in your interview.
  3. Celebrate your experience and skills. Remember that there's no such thing as a typical job in the schools. Don't shortchange yourself by describing your previous job or practicum experience simply as "providing assessment and intervention for an elementary caseload." Spend a little bit of time before your interview coming up with a mental "sizzle reel" -- accomplishments you're most proud of or that highlight the skills you'd bring to the job. Building constructive relationships with families, collaborating with teachers to support the classroom curriculum, and facilitating meetings for positive outcomes are all skills any administrator will appreciate! Having a story or example front of mind and ready to share will help set you apart from other candidates. 

The resources below will help you learn more about the job you're interviewing for. They cover many of the things you might want to know before accepting a new job, such as caseload numbers, school buildings, demographics, mentorship and support, service models, and support staff. Print it off, or pull it up on your phone, and you'll be ready when you hear, "Now, do you have any questions for me?

Click on an image below to download a free pdf of the resource you'd like to use!

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questions for SLPAs to ask in job interviews click to download pdf


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questions for school psychs to ask in job interviews click to download pdf


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