Signs Aging Parents Need Help

April 18, 2019
Janelle Thomas MSN, RN
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You want your parent to stay in their home for as long as possible. You’ve noticed, however, that their health or stamina is declining and that makes it hard for them to handle routine tasks. There are signs you should look for when determining the need for the help of a home care services provider.

4 Signs Your Aging Parents Need Help

1. They Missed Appointments or Forgot to Pay Bills

Age-related memory loss happens, but it can be disruptive when it happens too often. This is especially true if your parent has always been great at organizing their calendar.

Has your parent been forgetting to pay bills? Did they miss one or more important medical appointments? If the answer is yes, it’s time to look into getting them organized.

You may need to keep a schedule of their upcoming appointments or due dates on bills. Give them a call when something is coming up. If they no longer drive and you have pressing matters of your own, home care service providers offer transportation to and from businesses, medical offices, and stores.

2. The House is a Mess

The busier you are, the harder it can be to keep your house clean. If your parent is retired and has plenty of free time, a messy or dirty house may be a sign that they struggle with certain tasks.

It may be too hard for them to carry a vacuum to an upper floor. Maybe cupboards are a mess because they can’t bend over or safely climb a step stool. Laundry may be too heavy for them to carry downstairs to the washer and dryer.

With all of these issues, home care services may be the best solution for taking care of light housekeeping.

3. They’ve Fallen and Injured Themselves

Mobility changes with age. If your parent has tripped on something, fallen out of bed, or slipped trying to get out of the shower, senior care professionals can help. Not only can they point out potential hazards with routine mobility, but a caregiver can be there to help with mobility issues during the day.

4. Your Parent Calls You Too Often

If your parent is lonely or feeling isolated, you may get calls throughout the day. This may be fine at times, but in the middle of a workday, numerous calls can become an issue. By taking to a home care services provider and hiring a caregiver, your parent has someone to go for walks with, join on excursions, or talk to when boredom strikes.

Senior home care services help your aging parent live safely at home. Call a home care services provider today to learn more about all the options that are available.

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