Strep Throat in Seniors

March 5, 2018
Janelle Thomas MSN, RN
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The fall and winter seasons bring with them many wonderful things, but they also bring an increased instance of illness and infection.

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of common illnesses can help you to make the right decisions regarding your elderly parent’s care and support so that they can overcome their illness or infection and move forward in a healthier way.

One of the most common illnesses of this time of year is strep throat. An illness that can cause painful symptoms and last for a week or more, strep throat can leave your parent uncomfortable and more vulnerable to further infections and illnesses that can put their health and wellbeing at serious risk.

17 Signs and Symptoms of Strep Throat in Seniors

It is important to remember these symptoms could indicate another condition and they are not necessarily indicative of strep throat.

This is why it is extremely important your parent see their doctor if they have been experiencing symptoms for a couple of days so they are able to get an accurate diagnosis and get on the course of treatment that is right for them.

These symptoms could indicate a viral infection or illness that would not respond to antibiotics, so an accurate diagnosis is vital to the proper management of the actual cause and the prevention of potential negative consequences associated with improper use of medications and other treatments.

The following are common signs and symptoms of strep throat:

1. Throat pain that usually develops quite quickly and becomes severe almost immediately
2. Pain when swallowing
3. Difficulty swallowing
4. Swollen tonsils
5. Redness and streaks or patches of pus on the tonsils
6. Red spots along the hard or soft palate of the roof of the mouth
7. Swollen lymph nodes that are tender to the touch
8. Fever
9. Headache
10. Nausea
11. Aching throughout the body

Get your parent to their doctor promptly if they experience any of the following:

12. Painful lymph glands
13. A high fever that persists for more than 48 hours
14. A rash that appears along with a sore throat
15. Difficulty breathing
16. Difficulty swallowing
17. Lack of improvement after following doctor’s guidelines for medication and treatment after receiving a diagnosis of strep

Strep throat is extremely contagious, so take caution when caring for your parent if you suspect strep throat so you can protect yourself as well as prevent recontamination of your parent.

Contact Care Options for Kids for Home Health Care Services

If your parent is dealing with seasonal illnesses such as strep throat or you are concerned about their ability to stay healthy and safe throughout the fall and winter season, starting elderly care for them may be the ideal solution.

An elderly home care services provider can help your parent to make good lifestyle choices that will keep them healthier, as well as help them through infections or illnesses that do occur so they are better able to live a healthy, safe, and fulfilling quality of life no matter what the time of year.

This can include helping them to make good food choices, creating and maintaining an aggressive germ control approach, and encouraging your parent to get enough sleep and stay active to support their body’s health and wellbeing.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home health care services, contact the caring staff at Care Options for Kids. Call today (888) 592-5855.