A Workplace Where You Can Thrive

April 2, 2021
Janelle Thomas MSN, RN



Kely Duran De Momblack is a licensed practical nurse (LPN) at Care Options for Kids. More than a job, she sees her career choice with our company as a fulfilling calling. What’s more, she shares why she enjoys working at Care Options for Kids so much.

“Something that I love about Care Options for Kids is that they really want you to feel happy and comfortable,” she explains. “They prioritize the client and the nurses. When they assign you a client, they make sure it’s a good match — according to their needs, personality, and even culture.” And if you’re not happy with a new client, you can request a new assignment.

Kely is also grateful for the guidance she’s received from our coordinators. “This really is a wonderful agency. From the moment you start, through every single day you’re working, you always have the support you need. If we encounter any issues, we can call any coordinator and they will work hard to help us.”

As a healthcare professional, she wants to encourage other nurses to apply to become home health caregivers at Care Options for Kids. “I would love to extend an invitation to nurses to come work at Care Options for Kids. You’ll see that more than a team, we are a great family. We also get great benefits — like health and dental insurance and paid time off. This ensures that you have optimal health so that you can perform a good job with the clients.”

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