Gratitude at Work: Start With the Little Things

November 18, 2015
Kira Wright, CCC-SLP
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At this time of year, I am full of gratitude for the people I have around me, the opportunities I have, and all the choices I get to make each day. But it is also a time of year with a lot of paperwork - progress notes, IEPs to meet the census deadline, the first wave of fall referrals. Rarely do I feel the same rush of gratitude for these "opportunities."

gratitude at work

The real blessings are the people I work with, the people who make my life easier, and make a big difference for kids. There's the one who always responds quickly and thoroughly to my emailed requests for information. The one who makes an extra copy of assignments for me when she knows I'm coming into her classroom. And my SLPA who follows her schedule so diligently that I never have to worry about whether students have received their scheduled minutes.

You have these people around you, too. Let's recognize them this month. A note in their box or a card on their desk thanking them for the little things that make a big difference for kids. If you're an admin reading this, you can even download and print our free certificate that recognizes the great people who get their paperwork done on time. We have a lot to be thankful for. Let's start with the little things.