Hello Live: Making the Most of Your Time in the LifeSkills Classroom with Kimberly Wilkerson

January 27, 2015
Kelly C. Bawden, MS, CCC-SLP

Are the dynamics of serving kids in Life Skills classroom overwhelming to you? Are you ready to turn the challenges of addressing the needs of this population into the greatest adventure of your school year? Join Kimberly Wilkerson as she shares guidelines and tips for navigating the multiple facets of serving kids and collaborating with staff in Life Skills classrooms. In this podcast, she addresses best practice service models, specific treatment considerations, resource possibilities, and of course - why and how working with these students can become the most fun and creative hour of your week! Plus, check out the resource links she's shared below!

Kimberly was also gracious enough to hang out after her podcast to chat with me a little bit more about this fun population. Listen in on our informal Q&A session to hear us gab about the challenges and rewards of working in Life Skills classrooms. And, as promised, you can find all of her resources below the audio link. I can attest, there are some great ones on her list. Have one to add? Share it with us and we'll put it on there! And please believe that I'll be filing her Service Guidelines framework away for the next time I have the opportunity to work in this setting :-)

Online Resources:

Life Skills Service Guidelines for SLPs And AAC Specialists

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