On The Road Again - The Last Visit

June 8, 2015
Kelly C. Bawden, MS, CCC-SLP

We started this school year with some photos of our Hello There clinician's first visits on-site, so it only seemed fitting that we share a few photos from their last visits as well. As Sarah B. wrote in her post last week, there are often many mixed emotions on this last visit, from the typical "School's out for summer!" feeling all the way through the heartache of saying good-bye to people and places we may not see again. In the end, though, we're left with the feeling that every visit is worth it, and that we're all so lucky to have the chance to do them.

A big thanks to Sarah L., Sarah B., Lori, Kira, and Kay for sharing these photos. And on that note, the Hello There team is signing off and will see you in September :-)