Set Yourself Up for Success

December 17, 2014
Kira Wright, CCC-SLP

Whether you are leaving your office for winter break or just for the weekend, there are things you can do to set yourself up for success upon your return!

  • Leave your space clean. This may seem obvious, but put away materials you are done with! Wipe down your table, rinse out your mug, hang a 2015 calendar. You will be happy to come back to a clean space in January!
  • Plan for January themes, books, classroom units. Now is a great time to submit requests for books from the library, or search for accessible e-books on Know that a weather unit is coming up in 2nd grade? Prepare yourself with a couple weather-related books and activities.
  • Schedule in priorities for January. Maybe you're already thinking about New Year's resolutions? Or maybe you're just keenly aware of the things you haven't had time for this fall. Now is a great time to schedule those priorities into your calendar! Schedule a time to discuss students with your supervising SLP. Have a webinar you've been meaning to watch? Choose an hour in January, and get it on the calendar. We are much more likely to do things we've put into our schedules, so set your priorities for the new year!
  • Make a list for your "Future Self". This is one that works for students, too! Many students are successful making their homework checklist the first thing they see when they open their binder. Maybe it's a to-do list, maybe it's more of a welcome back note, but you have things that are fresh in your mind now that won't be by the time you come back. Take a minute to jot down these thoughts so you can pick up where you left off!

Are there other things you do to prepare yourself or your office to come back in the New Year? What about your students? Share your tips and tricks with us!