Top 9 Things A Specialist Must Do In a Classroom

October 31, 2010
Sharon Soliday, CCC-SLP

Last week I talked about the "Top 9 Things A Specialist Must Do in a Classroom" during our free Hello Live Webinar series.

My 9 Tips are:

  • Ask permission from the teacher and know why you are there.
  • Observe the layout of the room.
  • Check in with typical learners - ask questions. Are they confused? Understand the task? Have them describe expectations.
  • Check in with your students for generalization.
  • Model Breaking down a part of the curriculum.
  • Label how you can help. Never presume it's obvious. It's not.  We look at the class through a different lens.
  • Reinforce excellence in teaching!
  • Mobilize classroom volunteers.
  • Send a follow-up thank you note or email for being in the class, working with kids, observing, etc. How you end and conclude sets the tone you begin again next time with the teacher.