Promoting Language Development with Toys, Books & Games

November 29, 2010
Sharon Soliday, CCC-SLP

Sherry Artemenko has worked with children to improve their speech and language for over 30 years.  She is passionate about promoting children's language.  As speech language pathologists, we can educate parents on toy selection, and guidelines for best usage to make a difference in the quality of play their child experiences.  But, how do parents sort through the huge supply of kids' toys?  Who do we listen to?  Who are the experts?  What is marketing hype and what is the truth?

In my private speech therapy practice, Play On Words, traveling from house to house, I have the unique opportunity to see kids in their home play environment every week. I find myself in playrooms surrounded by fun toys that entertain but don’t encourage talking. I am constantly educating parents, giving suggestions for toys, games and books to turn up the chat in the playroom. 

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Toys, Books & Games that Promote Language Development