School Administrators Predict 5 Biggest Innovations in the Next 7 Years

July 17, 2013
Sharon Soliday, CCC-SLP posts a summary of statements from administrators across the country responding to the question, “What will be the biggest innovation in the next seven years?”

Surprises? Not many. We’ve seen ramifications, and themed schools have crossed our path before. But the most gratifying responses come from administrators touting not just the use of technology, but the implications of technology to shape the education environment. Take this from Northfield Public School’s Chris Richardson:

"We have the opportunity to move to a much higher degree of individualized instruction, where the applications will enable a good teacher to customize lessons. Knowledge can be drawn from a number of sources, and the teacher becomes the person who makes sure that students understand concepts and can demonstrate them in a way that says meaningful learning has occurred."

That’s certainly reflective of our experience and mission. How well do these administrators’ forecasts align with your own?