On the Road Again - Scarf and Mittens Edition

January 20, 2015
Kelly C. Bawden, MS, CCC-SLP
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Waaaaay back in October, we kicked off the start of the school year by sharing some of our favorite contractor photos from their first days on-site. It was all short sleeves and warm sunshine back then, but now . . . well, now exposed skin is kept to a minimum and the sunshine is most notable for the way it makes the icy landscapes sparkle.

Check out the photos our peeps sent my way this month. There are lots of reasons I love my job, and having the opportunity to see the world through their eyes is definitely one of them. There were so many great ones (some of which I'm hoarding for a future post), but these were some of my winter-y favorites.

So, are you feeling the need to bundle up yet? No? Then head over and read Sara's latest dispatch from Alaska. Her photos of life north of the Arctic Circle are truly stunning and are guaranteed to make you wish for some hot chocolate :-)