April 21, 2010
Sharon Soliday, CCC-SLP

It is a simple word.

A thought that leads to movement that leads to speech. It is the beginning of a conversation. Unfortunately, too often our students are left out of the conversation. They can be dismissed, overlooked, excused. But with our work, we are writing a different story for children, a story of commitment, dedication, and success. A story filled with dreams, friends, and happy endings.

Superior service is the foundation for this story. We understand when to push, when to listen, when to translate the demands of the classroom. Children need building blocks at their level of understanding. School districts need high quality professionals experienced in managing demanding workloads while guiding a child to success. Families need questions answered and resources made available. The community needs a network for questions and training.

This is our story.

We are Care Options for Kids, formerly The Hello Foundation.